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 Market Section Rules (Read Before posting)

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Market Section Rules (Read Before posting) Empty
PostSubject: Market Section Rules (Read Before posting)   Market Section Rules (Read Before posting) EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 6:08 pm

1.You are not allowed to buy/trade/ sell game items or account for real money. You are also not allowed to trade your items here for other server's items/account.Punishment will be permanent ban.(Ingame and Forum Account)

2.Post in a appropriate section.If you want to buy/sell/trade Elf items post it in Elf items section only and so on.

3.Each forum account can only post 1 thread per Class.Use the edit function.

4.Bumping is allowed every 6 hours.

Failure to abide with this rules will be given a warning/infraction.
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Market Section Rules (Read Before posting)
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