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 Important Announcement must read

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Important Announcement must read Empty
PostSubject: Important Announcement must read   Important Announcement must read EmptyFri Aug 17, 2012 4:48 pm

If you experienced some problems like DC when warp to other map and DC when we switch to character sometimes (not always), then we highly apologize for that matter. The server is still on Beta test and need some improvement inside the game. That is why we need the support among the players to make the server more sustainable and accessible, less lag etc. Those lags that you had encountered was due to hamachi problem. Any wireless connection even how fast the connection speed is; for as long as it is still a wireless connection still the server must use the hamachi enable for the players to connect into the game server. The server will be upgraded to DSL connection just to have a dynamic or static IP so that we dont need to use the hamachi server. all players in DeathzoneMU we need your support for this game. Thank you.

DeathZone MU team is open for your donations for the server enhancement.
Please refer to this Thread
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Important Announcement must read
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